EUCC is proud to have a partnership with Sustrans Scotland.

Sustrans is a charity promoting sustainable transport, something very important to those of us at in EUCC. We are working closely together to create Active Travel Champions!

“Active Travel Champions is the first in Scotland and has great scope and potential to make real changes in health and travel in Edinburgh University and beyond.  This project has been developed to recruit and train volunteers to ‘Champion’ Active travel in a variety of settings from universities to workplaces, schools and community groups.

Volunteers will be supported through training and resources in three main areas:

1. Spreading the Word – Promoting Active travel providing information and making it easier and more accessible for all.

2. Inspiring Action – supporting and planning actions and activity such as possible walks, rides, cycle training, bike maintenance, individual travel planning so on.

3. Making Change – working to change and improve your resources or environment to make active travel easier and more desirable.”

There is an extensive supporting website all champions get a log in for full of information and materials supporting their chosen aims and tasks. This can be found here:

For more information please contact:

Champion Coordinator: Aileen Brand

0131 346 9786


EUCC organise fundraising events to help support the Active Travel Champions programme, as well as encouraging our members and others to get involved in the programme or consider active travel.

If you are at all interested or have some fundraising ideas, get in touch with our Community Secretary!